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What is mdm.exe and why it is running ? can I stop it ?

We have just received a query from Kashish a techie reader of Technix Update, who wants to use his CPU and RAM by ending up all the non relevant process, but ending process helps?

Yes, it helps a lot in speeding up your system but key factor is you need to know which process to end in your task manager process list.

Let’s discuss about mdm.exe, and how important is it for windows

What is mdm.exe and Why it is running?

Mdm.exe (i.e Machine Debug Manager), is used by the Windows and Microsoft Developer Studio to provide application debugging. It runs as Machine Debug Manager runs as a service and is loaded when your computer starts.

Note: If you do not use your computer for debugging purposes, you can safely turn off the Machine Debug Manager. 

Follow the procedure below to disable Machine Debug Manager from running at windows startup automatically in Windows XP.

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Go to File Menu >> Tools menu, click Internet Options.

3. Click on Advanced tab, now select the option which says Disable script debugging and Click OK

Note: If you are using Windows 98 or Windows Millennium then you would have to play with registry to stop it.

See the procedure given below to know how?

1. Open Start >> Run or press Window + r.

2. type "regedit" (without quotes) and click OK.

3. Navigate to the following subkey:


4. In the right pane, right-click on the key MDM7, select Delete then Click OK

5. close Registry and restart your system to take the changes into effect.

Do let us know if you want to know about any process running on your system.

4 replies on “What is mdm.exe and why it is running ? can I stop it ?”

Respected Sir
The message was comming INVALID BOOT.INI
Then i gone through your suggestion publish in one blog.
I gone through following steps,After inserting XP CD.

c:\windows>bootcfg \rebuild

[Then it scans for windows installation]
[Then following messege comes]

Total identified windows installs: 1
Add installation to boot list?(Yes/No/All): Y
Enter Load Identifier: WINDOWS XP
Enter OS Load Options: /fastdetect

c:\windows> exit

Sir, Now when pc boots, following message comes.

Please Select the OS to start


Sir, Earlier pc was booting direct and fast too.
Please help me to start pc direct
waiting for answer.

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