Technix Update Finally Moved to new web host

After facing some issues , finally we were able to move Technix Update from the old web host ( ) to the server with new web host ( ).

As the lunarpages offered to us upgrade our account from basic hosting to vps hosting with an approximate amount of 600$ excluding the cost for moving the data from the server which is 75$ per hour job for them. All these charges forced us to change our web host.

For those who are interested in reading, let me tell you guys the story in detail.

On the weekend( 3 and 4th may ) we decided to move Technix Update which is the largest site of our group, from the shared server on lunarpages , due the repeated warnings from the lunarpages admin team that our account ( which has three sites , , was using too much resources which is far beyond the acceptable limit in terms of CPU usage, RAM usage and MSQL etc.

Basically this was the first time for both us, to move our blog and we did not know the procedure do’s and don’t, so first we studied across the web for any type of info regarding this, also consulted with some of the friend blogger’s .

Time 12:30 pm 4th may:

We take the blog database backup , and entire public_html folder as we don’t want to take any kind of risk  on Saturday  3rd May in the night.

Time 11:00 am 4th may:

Around this time I talked with Sahil from on phone, before purchasing an account on , then after puchasing the account we were very happy as we were ready with the backup and ready to move all the stuff to the new host as soon as our account got activated.   

Time 3:00 pm 4th may:

Our account on the got activated , we connected with new ftp account on the server and started restoring the public_html folder as it is, then we imported the database with the phpmyadmin interface, which initially gave some errors as we have not created a blank database, then after some tries we were able to restore the database.

Then it was the final step for us to configure the wp-cofig.php with the new database username and password, then we opened the blog with the temporary url given by the new host.

Time 4:00 pm 4th may:

Technix Update opened successfully but with a 404 page in the posts section, all other sections like sidebar ,latest post , latest comments were successfully displayed was working fine, but there was no post in shown then we think there could be a problem with the single.php of our theme we replaced it but still it does not solve the problem.

Time 7:00 pm 4th may:

We were struggling with the problem which still persisted, then finally we realised our mistake of not changing the dns server entries of the domain name, then modified the dns server entry which will definitely take some time and we were not sure that this will resolve the problem or not.

Time 8:30 pm 4th may:

By this time we were so much disappointed as things has not worked the way we have assumed, we turnoff our system ,our laptops decided to look on this issue later with some expertise help.

We leave for the market to refresh ourselves, we roam there in the market discussing about the issue, then rohit decided to leave after dropping me at my place.

Time 10:00 pm 4th may:

I came home and, I was not able to resist my self from checking the status So, I checked the and was amazed to see blog was totally redirected to new web host and with the new dns server entries came into effect in 3-4 hours and with all the posts started appearing on the main page.

Finally I was so happy as our work has been fruitful, I called rohit and told him that we are finally successful.

We were able to save so much money which we could have given for the upgrade, and learned a lot after recovering from the issues we had faced while moving the blog.:) 

We were totally layman’s in implementing this but learned a lot, Please let us know your thoughts on this through comments.

5 replies on “Technix Update Finally Moved to new web host”

Yeah moving servers without losing any data is kinda scary sometimes. Congrats on that and good to see you from the new server.

Congrats Abhishek on the move ! I also have moved my domain twice now and rather than using FTP, I used SCP to move the entire domain directory from one hosting server to another (FTP does take a lot of time)

Also you should not disable the old hosting, until you test the new server out. You can modify the hosts file on your PC and make it redirect to the new hosting and once testing is finished, you should update the name servers.

I also faced issue with lunarpages and have my blog moved to a temporary server for quite some time for consuming too much resources. My blog just moves back to production server. I hope no more issue happen in the near future. Hate the tedious job to move to new web hosting. Anyway, glad that you move to your blog to new home successfully. 😀

@Steve Yu – ya steve till now i have moved 2 blogs out of three from there server, still they have problems with high resources comsumption…let see their reply.

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