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ViSplore – Get Transparent Vista Explorer With Aero Glass Effect In XP

ViSplore is small free tool which let you convert your windows explorer in windows xp to amazing looking vista explorer, not only it will convert xp windows explorer it will also provide aero glass interface, addressbar and breadcrumbs which is one most useful features in revamped vista explorer.


The converted windows explorer look exactly like vista explorer with all the functions of vista explorer provided and other xp explorer things like files and folders remains intact.


Some Concluded Features Of ViSplore

1. Easily Navigate With Breadcrumbs – Just like vista explorer it will add breadcrumbs to xp explorer which makes navigation in between folder easier.

2. Quickly Access Files With Quick Find Feature – It lets you find any file and folder any where on your hard disk just by typing its name very quickly, it will list the file you want very quickly on the go as you type the file name.

Download ViSplore

2 replies on “ViSplore – Get Transparent Vista Explorer With Aero Glass Effect In XP”

Why my antivirus program catch trojan on this file.. Is it secure little program?
but thanks anyway

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