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BlockSite – Block Websites In FireFox

BlockSite is cool firefox addon which lets you block any website of your choice in firefox, and it will also disable and block all the hyperlinks to the websites you blocked.


This utility however can be used for novice firefox users as the extension itself can be disabled and uninstalled from firefox. You can enable or disable the warning messages displayed whenever a site is blocked to access. This extension basically adds the site blocking functionality that was removed from adblock plus.

Some Concluded Misleneous Features Of BlockSite

1.  You can import and export the list of blocked sites in between different computers running firefox

2. You can even block the ranges of websites by suing the wildcard symbol (*) so if you want to block all the websites which contain warez in the domain name her is the example for it. “http://*.warez.* where * sysmbol indicates that there can be zero or more random symbols at that place

3. You can add password protection to access the BlockSite Interface in firefox and if by any chance you forgot the password ( type about:config and reset the entry named BlockSite.authenticate or clear the BlockSite.password entry

Note: This firefox extension supports Firefox 2.0 – 3.0 *

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