Copy The Contents Of USB Removable Drive Automatically To Your Computer Each Time Drive is Connected

Some days back I got a reader query regarding a simple way of coping the contents of his USB pen drive automatically when ever removable drive is connected. After some googling I came to know there is no freeware available which can copy the contents  i.e files and folders automatically from portable drive.

Moreover reader also wanted to take the incremental backup from his pen drive, means he wants only the modified or new files to be copied every time he connects the pen drive, so he wants to put a incremental backup of his USB drive contents on his computer.

Finally I came out with a solution with the use of a free software called SyncToy which allows you take incremental backup of your USB drive files and folders on your computer hard disk.

Lets discuss how to remember do we implement this technique of taking incremental backup with SyncToy and syncing the pen drive contents with a folder on the computer hard disk