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Make your my computer open faster by disconnecting the network drives

I have already published one post on How to fix slow opening of my computer and delayed contents display here.

There are still some issues like connected network drives when you use office at your work place.

Like in my office when I login at my system at my work place, according to the user policy every user is connected to the network drives at the server location.

These connection to the network drives make my computer more slow at the time of opening.

Let see how can you disconnect network drives.

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what is google updater and why its running?

If you have ever downloaded any of the google products like picasa ,google screen saver etc, you may have googleupdater.exe running as a process in your system right now.

You can check by pressing "alt+ctrl+del" to open task manager and click the process tab.

What is googleupdater.exe?

GoogleUpdater.exe is a process which belongs to the’s range of Internet search facilities provided. This program is a non-essential , can be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems.

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How to add open target location to right click of mouse in win xp

Do you know the fastest way to open a file location of any desktop shortcut? i.e the directory where that file is located.

The most simple method to do this is to right click on the shortcut and then select properties and click the open file location button.

But if you have noticed in vista this feature now comes integrated with windows vista itself(as shown in the image below).

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How to eject cd drives automatically with a keyboard shortcut in windows xp

If you have used vista, you may have seen option to eject the cd drives on the right click menu on the cd drive.

This feature of automatically eject the cd drives  is a part of windows vista but not provided with windows XP, but this option can be enabled in windows  XP using  a simple freeware software called Eject CD, Download it from here.

What is Eject CD?

Eject CD is a useful, free and easy to use software. It helps you easily eject and insert the cd/dvd-rom drivers just by using the keyboard shortcuts or your mouse.

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How to fix the quick launch items location change , resize after explorer restart in vista

After windows restart or even after windows explorer quick launch items got arranged in a alphabetically and also resizes to the default.

According to the default settings of windows it does not save the settings when you customize the quick launch items ,it does not save the quick launch items location and its size also.

This issue of quick launch items location changed and resize applies to both windows XP and windows Vista

But this can be easily resolved by a registry fix.

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Make your self more productive using gmail with some useful shortcuts

I have become more addictive using gmail these days specially because we have to reply to users who send their computer problems on TroubleFixers

While handling these large number of email, I was just trying to get to know quick and easy to remember shortcuts for gmail. So, I google for gmail keyboard shotcuts and got landed to a page here

But after seeing these shortcuts I was even worried how could any one remember all of them, I filtered out some easy to remember shortcuts.

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Disable auto reboot in windows XP and Home editions

Are you annoyed by the restart prompt which appears every time you update windows.

In order to configure no auto reboot settings  for windows XP Professional and Home your windows must have service pack2 installed.

But the to remove auto reboot for windows XP home and Professional are different.

For Windows XP Professional

1. Open Start >> Run and type gpedit.msc  (group policy editor) and press Enter

2.  Navigate to the following path

Local Computer Policy\Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\ Windows Components\Windows Update

3. Double click "No auto-restart for schedule Automatic Updates installations" and select to enable this setting.

4. Restart windows.

For Windows XP Home Edition

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Stop automatic filtering of messages in outlook 2007 using gmail account

In case of outlook 2007 when you configure your gmail account with automatic pop3 configuration the problem of auto filtering of your mails received is done by outlook.

But this auto filtering most of the times does not function correctly which results in non junk mails or clean mails are mark as junk and outlook moves them automatically to junk folder.

You can simply fix the wrong filtering as follows:

1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2007

2. Open File Menu >> Tools >> select Options.