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Shortcut To Change Desktop Wallpaper – Wallpaper Rotator

It happens with all of us when we get bored by the same wallpaper and want to change but due to time required to choose the next cool wallpaper and the effort required you may be not change it.

There are some free utilities which lets you change the wallpaper automatically by selecting any wallpaper form the folder randomly you specify. But still a utility which changes the wallpaper automatically which after a specific time interval which you may not want to.

A Reader Note:

I would like to change the wallpaper any time I want it to rather than specifying a time interval for changing it.

Wallpaper Rotator solves this purpose by creating a shortcut in the desktop to change the wallpaper, so whenever you double click the shortcut, it will change the wallpaper and set a new wallpaper from the folder you specify.


You can configure wallpaper rotator to specify the default layout to of the wallpaper to be set, pick order for selecting a wallpaper to be set on desktop.


After installation it will create a desktop shortcut to change the desktop wallpaper, if it does not create it. Then you can create a shortcut by pasting the following path in the target box of the shortcut.

"C:\Program Files\100dof_wallpaper_rotator\bin\wallpaper_rotator.exe" /rotate

To launch Wallpaper Rotate To Configure, create a another new shortcut by pasting the path below

"C:\Program Files\100dof_wallpaper_rotator\bin\wallpaper_rotator.exe"

Download Wallpaper Rotator

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