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Free Process Priority Changer For Windows

Process Manager for windows is a free program which lets you change the priority of any application in windows. The developer of this program is Arif Ali Saiyed is one of my friend.

Process Manager actually integrates lot many features in windows which makes this free program worth using.


1. You can change the transparency of any application in shown in taskbar

2. Minimise any program to system tray

3. Hide other programs in opened in taskbar.

4. Hide any application by right click and select Hide Me

5. Kill any application

6. Make any application on top of other windows

7. Change the priority of any application in windows

This program can be real fun to play with opened tasks in the taskbar items and useful at times to decrease the priority of the hanged applications so they does not affect other programs by eating up the entire CPU.

This version of process manager also adds following items to system tray menu of its own like

Hide Me – This will hide the process manager from system tray.

Hide All – Right click the tray icon of process manager and select hide all to hide all programs opened in taskbar.

Unhide All – To unhide all the items you hide by selecting unhide all after right clicking again the tray icon of process manager.

But it could have been much better if there is some keyboard shortcut to hide and unhide all the applications in taskbar in process manager, so may be the developer might considering adding this feature.

Download Process Manager

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