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Easy Way To Install Ubuntu Linux On USB Drive

Ubuntu is one of most active group behind modifying linux and making it easy for windows users to accept and try ubuntu linux with more user acceptability.

Out of the all those Ubuntu community has taken the initiative of proving desktop edition of ubuntu linux which can be easily installed and uninstalled from windows itself. The only thing that was quite difficult till now was to install ubuntu linux on a USB portable drive.

But now with uSbuntu Live Creator which is the safest and easiest way to install ubuntu linux on your USB portable drive which enables you to install and run ubuntu directly from your USB drive.


You can install ubuntu on USB drive either from a ubuntu iso image you have, or from a ubuntu installation cd and you don’t have them then you need download the iso image of ubuntu from here.

I would recommend a USB drive of at least 2 GB capacity to install ubuntu linux, uSbuntu live creator will take some amount of time to install ubuntu, but the booting time will depend on the size and speed of your USB drive.


uSbuntu live creator will work on operating system including Win XP, 2003 and Vista and it lets you test ubuntu without any risk.

Download uSbuntu live creator

10 replies on “Easy Way To Install Ubuntu Linux On USB Drive”

Well, it took a long time, having to download the files… the instructions were not clear… I’m not sure I checked the right boxes in Step 4, as most items were not explained… and I STILL have no idea how you mean the use of the word “persistence”, have never seen that in software docs.

Persistence means that it will save whatever changes that you make to it (i.e. install software, etc.), vs a Live CD that will lose settings when you reboot.

ı prefered to use ubuntu than others, I enjoy learning new things about it, but with your help developing in ubuntu will be very easy…thanks…

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