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Shortcut To Eject and Close CD/DVD Drive

Ejection of CD or DVD some times becomes tiring action as you need to physically press the button on the CD/DVD writer or reader to open the tray and then to close the tray also in some of the CD/DVD writer or reader.

Today, We will tell you how can you create shortcuts to eject and close the CD/DVD Tray and we will also share some FREE utilities which do the eject and close the CD/DVD Tray any time.   


By Default Windows vista allows you to easily eject the CD/DVD Drive by right clicking the CD/DVD drive and select Eject in the context menu. But there is no Close Tray option to close the CD/DVD tray. But you add the option to close the tray using CloseTray.

In order to add the option Close Tray in the right click context menu follow the procedure given below.

1. Download and extract it.

2. Double-click closetray.reg to add it to registry.


Note: It may require restart for the settings to come into effect 

If you want to create desktop shortcut to eject or close CD/DVD drive tray then there are hell lot of ways to do that.

Lets discuss all of them one by one and some other utilities for the same purpose.