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Terminate Programs Forcefully In Windows

There are large number of programs which get started and running every time you start windows, but many of these programs are not actually useful, on the other hand these irrelevant programs uses some critical amount of memory and CPU usage which in turn makes other useful application respond slowly.

So, Every time you start windows you need to terminate these useless programs through task manager which is quite pain full as you need to locate each program one by one to kill the specific process. This was happening with me from a long time until I thought of a simple hack to end all these useless process in single mouse click.


Firstly let me tell you what were all those process which were useless to me.

1. mobsync.exe – It is a process for Internet Explorer which provide synchronization the offline pages with the matching online pages.

2. ctfmon.exe – It keeps running in the background and monitors the active windows and provides text input service support for speech recognition, handwriting recognition, keyboard, translation etc.

3.wmpnscfg.exe – It is used to alert users when a new media device is found on the network. This program is associated with windows media player and it gets started automatically on windows startup.

and some other programs like yahoo messenger tray icon etc.

Lets see how I automated the killing of these programs on windows startup.

In windows you can instruct windows to forcefully kill an application through a command with syntax

taskkill /f /im process-name.exe

In the above command  

/f – Stands for that process be forcefully terminated.

/im – Stands for the image name of the process to be terminated

In order to kill all these process I made a batch file which contains the forcefull termination command for all these programs and then I added the batch file in windows startup.

1. open Notepad and paste the following commands one per each line by line

taskkill /f /im wmpnscfg.exe
taskkill /f /im ctfmon.exe
taskkill /f /im mobsync.exe.exe


2. Save the file as terminate.bat or with any other name but with .bat extension.

3. Now Drag and Drop terminate.bat file in All Programs >> StartUp

4. Now, restart windows all these useless programs which you used to kill manually will be automatically terminated.

Note: You can also place the terminate.bat file on desktop and run it manually and kill all the useless process.

3 replies on “Terminate Programs Forcefully In Windows”

Or you can go to the Services Tab and then click the Services button in the bottom right to open the main Services window.

From there you can disable certain services (which many of these programs your running are actually started) and therefore speed up your startup time since these programs aren’t going to run at all.

How about just removing them from the start-up altogether?

Start > Run > msconfig

Startup (for programs that are non-Windows services) or Services (for the useless windows services mentioned above).

Took me about 10 minutes and I sped up my boot up time from about a 1 minute 30 seconds to just under 45 seconds…

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