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Shutdown Your Computer Faster In One Click

After we are done with our work on our computer we want it to shutdown less effort and as faster as it can be. Today we will tell you all the ways not only to shutdown, restart or hibernate your computer faster in single click of the mouse.

Shutdown is a simple tool which lets you turn off your computer in single click.


This utility gets installed and creates a shortcut on your desktop to run it and shutdown your computer, this shutdown utility runs a basic command in windows again but it asks to close if there are any running applications.

Download Shutdown

So, you can also create a shutdown shortcut on your desktop which will run the same command with which you can shutdown your computer in single click.

In order to create a shutdown shortcut, Right Click on your Desktop, go to New>> Shortcut.

Paste the following commands for creating the following shortcuts

Shutdown Shortcut

shutdown.exe -s -t 00

Restart Shortcut

shutdown.exe -r -t 01


rundll32.exe PowrProf.dll, SetSuspendState

All these shortcuts work on Windows Vista and XP I think shortcut to sleep is left which I am leaving for the readers to find out, Lets see.

4 replies on “Shutdown Your Computer Faster In One Click”

@Shantanu Goel, @Stratosg – Right, restart contain -r as parameter, that was a pasting typo. Thanks for pointing out.

@Arif Ali Syed – I have added the link to download the shutdown application in the article, thanks again for pointing out.

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