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Single Shortcut To Launch Multiple Programs

There could be some programs on your computer which you use quite often in your day to day work, so you may have the shortcuts for all these programs which you click one by one when to launch them.


However you can tweak a little to launch all these programs in one time double click or via single shortcuts as compared to clicking different shortcuts to launch these programs.

Yet again there are two ways to do this one is the geeky way out with which you don not need any additional software to do this and other is by using a free utility called Utility Launcher

We will tell you both ways to do it, but lets start the simple or we can say layman’s method by using the FREE program called Utility Launcher

Layman’s Method To Create Single Shortcut To Launch Multiple Applications

Utility Launcher lets you build a list of up to 20 applications, which will open up when you open utility launcher.


However it does not provide one click experience, as run button must be clicked for each application in the list or you can also skip the application from the list, but it is quite useful to have all the programs in once single place. 

Download Utility Launcher

Geeky Method To Create Single Shortcut To Launch Multiple Applications    

1. Open Notepad from Start Menu >> Accessories >> Notepad or press Window Key + R and press Enter.

2. Enter the paths for each program to run into Notepad one per each line and make sure to put

Start “”

before specifying the path for each program, give a space on each line after Start “” and then enter the application path to the exe of the program which you want to run.

Tip: In order to copy the application path for your favourite applications right click on desktop shortcut of these programs, select properties and copy the target path of the application and paste into the notepad file as the application path.


4. The Basic syntax of each line of shortcut in the program is as follows

start "" "application path"

For Example:

start "" "C:\Program Files\FileZilla FTP Client\filezilla.exe"

3. Save the file as single.bat or any name you like on the desktop and that’s it when ever you double click the file single.bat to launch all those multiple programs for which you have specified the application path in the notepad file.

4 replies on “Single Shortcut To Launch Multiple Programs”

Nice post man ! Its really useful to create one such batch file for all the applications you usually use, and run this file when u power on the pc 🙂
very useful ! Thanks.

You can also add this file to start-up, so all ur useful applications automatically launch when u start windows !


thanks for informing me about your “Geeky Method To Create Single Shortcut To Launch Multiple Applications”, since that was exactly what I was looking for. And no, Rohit, “add this file to start-up” is not a smart comment…

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