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Clean/Delete Msconfig Unchecked Entries

Msconfig is cool tool integrated in windows which lets you enable or disable startup items from the list of programs and services which run automatically at windows startup.

After disabling some startup programs they remain in the list as unchecked items in msconfig startup list, you can delete the unchecked entries of all the disabled items.


In order to delete the list of disabled items in msconfig you can have several methods to do it. You can either delete the list of disabled items using free msconfig clean up tool or you can play delete the list of disabled items in msconfig through registry.

So, if you don’t want to play with registry follow the first simple method (For Layman’s) or if you want to learn something about the registry then follow the second method (For Geeks)

Let’s find out how to delete the disabled items in msconfig through both of these methods explained below.

Simple Method

Delete Disabled Entries With Msconfig Clean Up Tool

Msconfig Clean Up is a FREE tool allows you to remove disabled programs in msconfig, it removes all the useless entries of unchecked items in msconfig startup.


This tool is very easy to use you just need to install it and run, it will show the list of all disabled items from which you can select some of them to remove or select all to remove from registry.

Click Delete button after selecting the disabled startup registry item it will be deleted from msconfig automatically.

Download Msconfig Clean Up Tool 

Geeky MethodCleaning through windows registry manually

(For Windows Vista)

1. Open Start Menu >> Run type regedit and press Enter

2. Navigate to the following path:


3. Delete all the keys of disabled items in msconfig startup or Delete the registry key of the programs which you don’t want to see in msconfig.

(For Windows XP)

1. Open Start Menu >> Run type regedit and press Enter

2. Select My Computer in registry and press Ctrl + F key to search

3. Check on “Keys” while uncheck everything else, type msconfig in the search box and click Find Next


4. After complete search, it will take you to the following registry path:


5. Delete all the folders under startupfolder, startupreg and services.

6. That’s it done, you will not see any of the disabled items in the msconfig startup list.

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