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Make small tinyurl for your pages fast with Tinyurl creator for firefox

Small Announcement for Readers: From now on, I will be more active in blogging so you can expect more frequency of  articles posted.I will try to give at least one post a day.


Let come to the post topic. Today I tried some of popular and on growing adobe air applications like uvLayer, twhirl etc.

Was seeing some of the friends blogger’s sharing there latest articles via twitter as the actual url of the articles were some what longer so every one was using TinyUrl in order to shorten them.

If you don’t  know what is tinyurl?

For your FYI: With TinyURL, you can also make a smaller URL that will work for any page on your site.

firefox tips & tricks tips & tricks

Sync up Firefox browser with your google account

I use firefox web browser every where, at my office pc, on my home desktop pc and as well on my laptop.

I always wanted to sync up my firefox on all these locations automatically, including my firefox bookmarks, browser settings ,add ons so I don’t have to configure my firefox at all these places etc.

So. I decided to google out the ways for syncing up my firefox browser with my google account.

Basically there are certain things which needs to be in sync like firefox settings , its bookmarks, browsing history etc.

Let’s cover them one by one

firefox tips & tricks tips & tricks

clean your traces after browsing in firefox automatically

If you are one those firefox users who want to clean all the traces of your browsing history,  then let me tell you there is very simple way to do it with firefox itself without any extension.

here is how you can automate the cleaning of your browsing history and cookies..

1. Open Firefox

2. go to File Menu >> Tools  >> Options , click on privacy tab

3. check the option which says: Always clear my data when I close firefox (as shown in the image below)




firefox tips & tricks tips & tricks

Assign easy to remember keywords to your bookmarks in Firefox

If are a frequent firefox user, you must be wondering how you can assign small easy to remember shortcut keywords to your mostly used bookmarks.

But why shortcuts for bookmarks ?

Well assigning shortcuts to your mostly accessed bookmarks could save lot of your time and increase your productivity.

How Productive?

A small keyword could be used to locate the website address, instead of typing full address or clicking the bookmark in the bookmark toolbar. 

Lets see how can you set shortcuts for different bookmarks

1. Open Firefox

2. Right click on the bookmark for which you want to set keyword shortcut and select properties.

firefox tips & tricks tips & tricks

Firefox tip: how to close the annoying download window automatically

There are so many times when you see the download window and save to disk window in firefox popping up when ever you download a new file through firefox.

You can simply set the preference in firefox to change the behaviour of both the windows. Go to File Menu>>Tools>>Options–General Tab (see the image below)






firefox tips & tricks tips & tricks

How to open multiple home pages at startup in Mozilla firefox

If you are frequent web browser ,a blogger or a freelancer if you are in any web related profession then you must be spending around at least about 1-2 hours on web.

Why open multiple pages at start in mozilla firefox ?

Now every minute of your’s is important so it’s you to decide how you can optimise and speed up your repeated browser activity in order to make the most efficient use of your time .

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Download free greasemonkey scripts and hacks for enhancing the functionality of your browser.

Presenting you the top five greasemonkey scripts which are pretty useful in our day to day netsurfing i hope you may find them intersting…


For using these scripts you need to have firefox installed at your machine and also greasemonkey extension should be installed and if you don’t have firefox or greasemonkey extension pls install them first.

Get Firefox / Get Greasemonkey

Here they are….

firefox tips & tricks how to tutorials tips & tricks

Top 3 ways to restore previously opened tabs in firefox after firefox crash.

There are so many situations when you have to close firefox and you are working on large number of opened tabs in firefox which you may want to bookmark or restore afterwards there are a number of options to solve this:)

  1. Use the Restart Firefox extension.
  2. Set Firefox to save all windows and tabs, every time.
  3. Set Tab Mix Plus to save all windows and tabs (if you are using the Tab Mix Plus sessions instead of the native Firefox one.)