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A little known feature about Firefox 3.0


If you are a ardent web surfer and you use firefox mostly for web browsing,then this article could be interesting for you.

It is very common for a web surfer to open more than 9 sites in a firefox in the same window, it happens to me as when I browse through large number of blogs and web sites opened in different uncountable tabs.

Switching across these tabs becomes more and more difficult when as number increases, so there a key board shortcut associated with each tab starting from left as ctrl+1 for first tab, ctrl+2 for the second tab and so on..

But these shortcuts are limited up to ctrl+9 to access the opened tab the 9th position but if you want to access the last opened tab with a keyboard shortcut you can’t do this in any version lesser then Firefox 3.0

But in Firefox 3.0,  if you press ctrl+9 you can access 9th tab if their are less or equal to 9 tabs opened else you will get to the last tab opened in firefox 3.0 irrespective of how many tabs are opened.

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@abhijeet – thanks buddy…really gud to know this.

@nirmal – ya nirmal even i use ctrl+tab for switching across tab but this post is about how can you access the last tab in firefox


if i’m not mistaken….bfore Firefox 3, as u hit CTRL+9…you will go to the last tab….not only firefox3…i’m saying this bcos i’m using it all the time with the previous version of firefox….

p/s: sorry for my poor english…

WOW, I knew about Ctrl + 1, Ctrl + 2.. But didn’t knew that we’ll jump to the last tab when we press Ctrl + 9. Thanks for sharing the tip 🙂

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