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By pass blocking firewall restrictions using HTTP-Tunnel-Client


We have written numerous articles on how can you access blocked web sites like at your work place listed below.

But still we are receiving many comments where the users complains they are not able to access blocked web sites.

We found a free http tunneling utility called HTTP-Tunnel-Client last night which lets you bypass the restrictions of the firewall.


How it removes restrictions?

HTTP-Tunnel will act as a socks server, allowing you to use your Internet as you want despite of restrictive firewalls.It allows to bypass any firewall, provide secure Internet connectivity by encrypting all your Internet traffic.

Will you be monitored ?

If you use HTTP-tunnel you will not be monitored as it encrypt all your data going across the Internet including your username password and the blocked web site you browse.

It does not require any registrations, provides virus free servers and 99% uptime also provide free unlimited data transfer.

How to use HTTP Tunnel ? 

1. Download the HTTP Tunnel from here.

2. Install it and detect the firewall at your place ( as shown in the image below ).


3. If you don’t know the exact firewall IP then, you can use the auto-detect option and click Test.

4. If the test is successful you will see a message box saying: Test successful, configuration updated. 


5. Click OK two times, now you need to configure your browser to access the blocked web sites.

Guide to configure IE Socks Method   | Guide to configure FireFox HTTP

6. After configuring your browser according to the HTTP Tunnel, you will be able to access any blocked 

If you want to configure a different browser you can refer to their support page.

[ Download HTTP Tunnel | Application Homepage ]

8 replies on “By pass blocking firewall restrictions using HTTP-Tunnel-Client”

I am unable to open orkut by firefox when I am going to open orkut tis type message display on my computer screen

Access to this page has been blocked as per Internet Policy

Computer System (such as Internet, e-mail) are intended for business related activities. As per company Internet policy other uses are prohibited. Fraudulent, threatening, harassing or obscene messages and or material are to be avoided and not to be received, sent or stored. Inappropriate mass mailing (spamming or flooding) is prohibited . Creation or intentional distribution of computer viruses, worms or trojan horses is prohibited. Any voilation will be dealt as per the company’s Internet policy. In case of any problems please contact Helpdesk.

please tell me other effective ways to open orkut at my office

بنام خدا
لطفا یک نرم افزار بسیار قوی که حکوت ایران نتواند آن را ببندد برای نگارنده
ایمیل نمایید

my ISP uses squid proxy to restrict download.tried ultrasurf but not working.the download limit is there any way that i can bypass this.thanks in advance.

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