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Tweet your blog RSS feed on twitter with twitterfeed


I just found a cool way of sharing your latest articles with your twitter followers if you are blogger or a person writing some thing on the internet.

I just got this idea from some of the fellow blogger’s so, I am assuming that most of the people already know about twitterfeed.


For those who don’t know

As it says in the tag line of twitterfeed says: “feed your blog to twitter” you can use twitterfeed free service to tweet your latest articles you publish on your blog automatically.

Why to tweet my articles?

Well the reason is quite simple, if you want to spread your articles and gather some readers who are actually your followers who would like to read anything you have written.

Open id required for twitterfeed ?

You just need to create a open id to use this free service. If you have a account or a account then that can serve as a open id for you.


Configuring twitterfeed to feed your blog automatically?

1. Select the open id in the image above and login

2. Now, Click Create new twitter feed


3. In the screen shown above, you need to first enter your twitter username and password, your blog rss feed url, update frequency and other details.

4. After filling all the Click Create to start feeding your blog to twitter under your own name in the twitter.

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