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Secure way of remembering passwords in Firefox 3


I was reading a post on Easiest Way To View Passwords in Firefox 3 by abhijeet from

But after reading the post, I thought that this could be a privacy issue if anyone else is also using the same computer and can open the same web site and view your remembered password.

Remembering password in firefox for different web sites saves a lot of time but could be a security breach, as it may reveal your private passwords to any one if you don’t set a master password in firefox.

What is master password ?

It is the main password which protect all the remembered passwords in firefox, you can see any remembered passwords across any web site without knowing the master password.

Lets see how can you remember your passwords in a secure way.

How to set a Master Password ?

1. Open Firefox

2. Go to File Menu >> Tools >> Options 

3. Click on Security and Select the check box which says Use a master password ( as shown in the image below ).


4. Click OK

After setting the master password for protecting all other remembered passwords no one can see the remembered passwords without entering the master password.

4 replies on “Secure way of remembering passwords in Firefox 3”

I have been neglecting Master password option of Firefox, never thought of some one else getting my stored password,now i will defiantly set Master Password.
Thanks for sharing.

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