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Lock and Hide your USB drive contents with a password with Lockngo


Did you ever feel the need of protecting your pen drive with a password, here is the utility which lets you do this called Lockngo

Lockngo is a removable media protection software

You can download the demo version of Lockngo which lets you hide files on your removable drive for free but you cannot set the password protection over your files on your portable drive in the free version of Lockngo.


Lockngo handles the data that is stored in the removable media in a way that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to retrieve even by using hacker’s low level raw reading utilities – it is that simple!

This software works for almost all the pendrives, memory cards and all other portable devices which lets you store the data.

How to install?

Download Lockngo from here, place it on your portable drive and double click to protect the files on the pen drive.

How to use?

Double click on lockngo.exe to hide or un-hide the files stored on your pen drive.

We hope you find this article interesting, Very soon we will be coming up with more articles on pen drive protection.    

[ Download Lockngo | Application Homepage ]

5 replies on “Lock and Hide your USB drive contents with a password with Lockngo”

Hey, as it is a demo version it might not be of much use for the normal users. If there is any open source application with similar feature then it can be useful.

@Pras – yes, this is the demo version of the application but it is usefull as it allows to encrypt the data in one click, and right now as far as we know there is no free applcation like this…but may be you can help in finding some.

@Joel Thomas – glad to see that you liked it

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