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Auto Dial – See Most Visited Sites In New Tab Opened [ FireFox Extensions ]

Auto Dial is cool firefox add on which lets you see the most frequently visited websites every time you open a new tab. It shows you the recently visited sites mesh with 3D parallax effect.


However the first run sucks as it depends on your firefox history, would be really cool if you surf for a lot on web through firefox.

firefox tips & tricks

Convert Firefox To Chrome Appearance Completely

If you like chrome appearance more than the boring looks of firefox, then this is the right post for you. You can change the appearance of firefox completely to firefox with an extension called Total ReChrome.

Total ReChrome configure the tabs to be located on the upper side to make it look identical to google chrome, it also adds glass effects in vista and perform some other useful tweaks.


Total ReChrome also moves the stop button on the left of the address to right side of the address to make it look exactly as google chrome.

firefox tips & tricks

Full Screen Image Viewer For Firefox and Internet Explorer

Full Screen Image viewer is a FREE program which integrates itself to firefox and internet explorer context menu’s i.e right click menu in firefox and internet explorer.

After installing full screen image viewer you can view any image in full screen mode just by right clicking on the image and select the image view mode.


The various options for viewing the image are following:

  • View Full Screen – Best Fit
  • View Full Screen – Cut Fit Bottom Right
  • View Full Screen – Cut Fit Equal
  • View Full Screen – Cut Fit Top Left
  • View Full Screen – Stretch Fit
firefox tips & tricks

Seven Cool Tools For Firefox Location Bar

UrlbarExt is a small firefox add on which adds amazing functionality in your firefox location bar like you can copy the URL wit ease, search the site in google, go up to the navigation tree on the site, add tags to the URL, and also lets you surf the URL anonymously through free online proxy servers.


Specially the tiny url would be really helpful for a blogger like me to shorten links for twitter, copy option can be really useful to copy the URL to clipboard for writing purpose. UrlbarExt extension easily integrates with the firefox location bar.

It also allows anonymous surfing of any URL you type in the location bar with the help of free proxy servers available. You can easily configure the extension as per your usage like changing the URL shortening service from default tiny URL to some thing else.

firefox tips & tricks

Add Flip 3D In Firefox With FoxTab

FoxTab is a great firefox add on which lets you experience the same flip 3d like experience while switching to different tabs.

After installing FoxTab in firefox when you press ctrl+tab key to switch to other tabs you will see the FoxTab to come in action.


You can again change the layout by selecting the layouts at the bottom right in the footer.

firefox tips & tricks

FireFox – Open Favourite URL’s with Shortcut Keys

ShortcutKey2URL is a cool firefox add on which lets you open any website in firefox with a keyboard shortcut you specify.

The shortcut you specify to open the website URL will be of the syntax [ ctrl + Q + any key ] , just like in my case I tested ShortcutKey2URL and specified a keyword shortcut  as Ctrl + Q + E 


Three kinds of methods can be specified for the method of opening URL, like opening it in current active tab, new tab or search the previously opened tab.

firefox tips & tricks

Fast and Quick Downloads in FireFox

Faster and quicker downloads in firefox is something which attracts every firefox user, we have already written an article about a firefox add on which lets you speed up downloads in firefox.

Today, we are going to list some of the useful extensions which will further help you to manage downloads in firefox more easily and quickly by providing various useful features, you can install all or some of them as per your requirement.


By using these extensions for firefox you can save lot of your time which you spent managing downloads in firefox.

Let’s discuss about these extensions for firefox one by one.

firefox tips & tricks

Speed Up Downloading In FireFox With Fire Download

I am a firefox lover because I use Firefox more than any other browser, but downloading speed normal in firefox is really slow, as if you download the same set of file through a download manager will download the same set of file with in lesser amount of time with much greater transfer rate.

But don’t worry as you can simply achieve the same download speed as you can with any download manager like Internet Download Manager with a small firefox add-on called FireDownlaod.


FireDownlaod lets you supercharge your downloads with some accelerating technology working at the back ground.