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Tweak and Hack Firefox with about:config to make it more faster.

Yes you can speed up your firefox in terms of page load time required for any website to open a specific page.

Here is a step by step procedure on how to do it:

1.Type “about:config” in the address bar without double quotes and hit enter or return.

Search for the following entries:

  • network.http.pipelining
  • network.http.proxy.pipelining
  • network.http.pipelining.maxrequests
firefox tips & tricks

Set Firefox 3.5 To Stop Suggesting History Or Bookmarks Or Both –

Location bar in firefox is greatly enhanced to save you from extra typing and effort by suggesting previous history and bookmarks by default, but it could be case when you may not want firefox to suggest history or existing bookmarks when you type in firefox location bar.


Here is how you can do it, simply by navigation to firefox configuration options, follow the procedure given below

firefox tips & tricks

HistoryBlock – Set FireFox Not To Remember A Specific Website In Browsing History

I have been searching for a way to figure out how can I block a website to in the browsing history, Finally I found a cool free add on called HistoryBlock which lets you hide some specific website you visit. You can block more than one website with this add on permanently with this small firefox extension


Alternately you can hide any page from your history simply by right clicking and select “Block This” from the context menu. You can either add domain, sub domain or the current page to the hiding black list after installing HistoryBlock 

firefox tips & tricks

Fix FireFox Crashing Problem With Large Number Of Tabs Opened with Cluster Tabs

If you are web surfer or a web worker you may tend to open so many tabs in firefox as per the nature and requirement of your surfing habits. In the end the more the number of tabs you open in firefox makes the problem more worse for you as it makes firefox crashing problem with these large number of tabs opened.

Cluster Tabs is a cool firefox addon which comes to rescue in such a type situations and it makes firefox more faster and fix the crashing issue due to large number of tabs – it allows you to cluster tab web addresses with others.


You just need to follow the procedure as described in the image above to add more than one web addresses to a single tab to create a cluster of websites under a single tab entry.

firefox tips & tricks

Hide Page Title Text In FireFox Of Any Webpage

The Page Title Eraser (PTE) is a cool firefox addon which lets you hide title text of ay website you open in firefox and the favicon too of the selected tab. It provides more privacy at your workplace like office where you may want to hide the title text of the website you have opened on your office computer.


As you can see in the image above the title of the page is hidden and you can also hide favicon of the website with this extension for firefox.

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Hide Caption Title Bar FireFox Addon To Hide Title Bar Text

Some of my friends always wanted to hide title bar text in firefox, they do not want firefox to display the information about the site using the title bar text description of the site

Hide Caption Title Bar is a free firefox addon which detects and automatically restores the minimize, maximize/ restore and close buttons on the nav bar if the menu bar is hidden the extension will display these important buttons irrespective of any theme you have applied on firefox.


Note: This extension is not compatible with tab mix plus but can work with tab mix lite ce

Download Hide Caption Title Bar

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Convert Firefox 3 Location Bar Into Firefox 2 Location Bar

There is a big difference in between the firefox 3 location bar and firefox 2 location bar both in terms of the looks and functionality provided. Just in case if you don’t like the location bar or address bar of firefox 3 and revert it to as there in firefox 2 here is how you can do it.

There is a cool addon called Old Location Bar which makes firefox 3 location bar look and act like firefox 2 location bar


Some other key features provided by old location bar addon are

firefox tips & tricks

HitWicket – See Live Cricket Score In FireFox Status Bar

HitWicket is another cool firefox addon which lets you monitor the live cricket scores on any cricket match going on. It is based on ScoreWatch Firefox extension and fetches the updates from in the status bar panel.


It will alert you about any fall of wickets even if you are running a screensaver it will pop up in that case, you can anytime configure the refresh interval of the scores