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PageZipper – Loads Next Page When You Reach Bottom Of Current Page Automatically

PageZipper is a one of the cool firefox addon which really makes it very simple to go to the next page, it scans the entire page for the text Next and automatically loads the next page when you scroll down at the current page.


After Installing PageZipper you will need to manually activate PageZipper, In order to activate it go to File Menu >> View >> Toolbars >> Customize menu and drag the PageZipper icon on the FireFox toolbar to place it on the toolbar to make is more accessible.

It could really useful if you are kind of annoyed while to clicking the next button or link at the end of the page to load the nest page. It works like a charm on pages like google search, Flickr pages and any other page which includes a keyword text Next.

So, it will not work on the pages which does not contain text link named Next, but the extension developers are going to improve more features in this firefox extension.

Installation and use of this program is quite useful and as it is an experimental addon, so it is very necessary to register with Mozilla before you install.

Install PageZipper

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