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Export and Import your firefox bookmarks to internet explorer

I have been using firefox for a long time but some times, I need to use internet explorer for some purposes but always missed the my firefox bookmarks in firefox and after I started using firefox 3 it becomes more difficult to play with firefox bookmarks.

But Yesterday, I found a free utility 🙂 called FavTool which can convert the firefox bookmarks ( used by firefox ) into Microsoft Internet Explorer and vice versa also.


It lets you import your firefox bookmarks as internet explorer favourites or export your internet explorer favourites as bookmarks in firefox.

Let’s see how can you use FavTool to export firefox bookmarks as favourites in internet explorer.

FavTool is cool freeware which makes the cumbersome task to transferring your firefox bookmarks to internet explorer very easy and instant.

How To Use FavTool to convert your firefox bookmarks as favourites

1. Download FavTool from the link given at the end on post.

2. Now First open firefox , and open bookmarks by pressing ctrl+shift+b and select export bookmarks ( as shown in the image below ).


3. Make sure to rename the final file bookmarks.html to bookmarks.htm

4. Run FavTool.exe and click import bookmarks into internet explorer favourites ( as shown in the image below ).


5. Locate the file bookmarks.htm containing firefox bookmarks.


6. That’s it Done 🙂

You can reverse the same procedure to save your internet explorer favourites to firefox bookmarks by clicking the button which says Save Favourites as Bookmarks.


Download FavTool

3 replies on “Export and Import your firefox bookmarks to internet explorer”

Wow, it’s been quite a while since I have seen this tool. I used to use it quite actively a few years back.

However, now use Mozilla extension to fetch my IE favorites.

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