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Delete your sensitive files permanently with UltraShredder

There are some instances when you may want to delete a specific file from your computer permanently so that no one can access that file even after using any method to recover that file.

UltraShredder is a small freeware program which deletes any sensitive file which you specify and prevents its recovery by overwriting them with random characters.


You will need to add files which you want to shred or permanently delete from your system by dragging the files on the UltraShredder window and press Shred! button to shred that file.

Before you can delete any sensitive files permanently make sure that the file is not in use by any other program.

If in any case any one recovers the deleted files by UltraShredder by using some disk recovery program they would only see unintelligible characters on disk where the file used.

This application is completely a freeware and is clean from any adware , spyware etc.

How To Run UltraShredder

Download the ZIP package and extract to any folder of your choice, Launch ultrashredder.exe

Download UltraShredder

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