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Access blocked web sites and browse anonymously with OperaTor

Browsing web has become one of the most potential issue when it comes to using public computers, as when you use a public computer for browsing internet it leads to privacy issue for you.

OperaTor such a software which bundles Opera Browser + Tor and Privoxy together, which allows you surf the web anonymously.


Using OperaTor browser you can be sure of leaving no traces behind on public terminals like library, internet cafe etc.

With OperaTor browser you can access all the blocked web sites like orkut , facebook , yahoo groups etc.

It lets you anonymizes http and https protocol so if you want to browse anonymously you must not use other opera features like java , javascript, bittorent, integrated email client.

There is quite delay with graphics load as it can’t compete with firefox and ie6 portable versions but its slow due to stealth mode but anyway it lets you browse anonymously.

Download the .zip archive and click OperaTor.exe to launch the anonymous OperaTor browser, it is approximately around 7MB of download and is released for windows only.

Download OperaTor

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i m davv university over campus we used wi fi but can not acces orkut sites, At list orkut word is banned. so please give me tricks or software for accessing orkut.

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