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Download Safari theme for google chrome

There has been lot of buzz going to google chrome these days, everyone wants to use google chrome as it quite fast and has a better look and feel as compared to old bored interfaces of firefox and internet explorer.

Previous we posted about how can you get firefox theme for google chrome, today we have come up with new safari theme for google chrome.


Safari theme for google chrome not only change the look and feel but also the shape of the tabs in google chrome.

How to install Safari theme for google chrome

1. Download Google Chrome Firefox 3 theme from here

2. Make sure that google chrome is not running, Extract the default2.dll and rename it to default.dll

For XP
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application.2.149.27\Themes\

For Vista

Note: We would recommend to rename the already present default.dll file to default.bak so that you can revert back to the default google chrome theme if you don’t like the new firefox 3 theme for google chrome.

3. Launch google chrome now, you will see the new look and feel of google chrome which looks like safari browser.

Download Safari theme for Google Chrome

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