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By pass download limit and restrictions with Download at Work

I have received lots of questions from my friends who want to download various types of files but they see a message files is blocked at their office due to firewall restrictions.

Many corporate offices setup firewall and other networking monitoring applications to restrict the download of certain types of filetypes, some times restrictions are imposed on the size of the file to be downloaded, as they limit the maximum size of the file that can be downloaded.

Download At Work is one such free tool which lets you download any blocked file types at your office, download at work is quite easy to use.


Let’s see how to use Download At Work to download blocked blocked file types.

How to use Download At Work

1. Go to

2. Enter the url of the file from where you want to download the file.

3. Type the name of the file the text box below and select a accept a unblocked download file type from the dropdown.

4. Now, click Do it

[ via TechnoSpot ]

We will be soon coming up with more tweaks on how to download blocked files and access blocked web sites, so stay tuned.

One reply on “By pass download limit and restrictions with Download at Work”

hey i tried tis but wen i clickd on d link it says service temporily unavailable……so wat to do nw???

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