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Save the entire web page as single .htm file with firefox 3


We have been using firefox 3 for some days now, and side by side reviewing any new feature which we come across like Secure way of remembering passwords in Firefox 3 and A little known feature about Firefox 3.0

Today we found a new feature again in firefox 3.0 which allows you to save a any page on the web as a single .htm file with out any accompanying folder.

When you save a page in firefox previous editions as a html file, you would see a folder always with the html file which contains the related images and other support files.


But when you save a page in firefox 3.0 with Save as type as Web Page, Html Only.


You will see a single html files which contains everything, this html file will be a firefox document which you can take any where with ease and open in any browser you want.


We hope you like this small trick interesting, if you have anything to say please share it through comments.

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is it……i tried saving this page….n it saved with 42.1 kb..!!!
do u really think it is complete page..:0

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