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Synchronize your work folder at your office and home computer


Did you ever feel the need to synchronize some important folders across different computers you use at different physical locations, you can easily do this with Allway Sync.

Allway Sync is a free software for file and folder synchronization software for Windows.

It helps you to synchronize files and folder either through a USB portable device, ftp server or via amazon s3 server.



  • It’s free Sync Software. 
  • Does not contain any spyware, adware or malware
  • You can install Allway sync software on as many computers as you need but it should be for personal use only.

    How To Use?

    It interface is quite easy to use, To get started you just need to go to File Menu, Click on Job and Select Add New Job or press ctrl +n


    Now specify the Folder Type from the drop down and press Configure button to browse the folder location.


    Configure the folder path for both the folder on your computer and USB portable drive through the configure folder path section on right and left side ( as shown above in the image).


    Click the Synchronize button, to start synchronizing in the files and folder in between these two folder paths.

    Other Features:

    It also allows automatic file and folder synchronization on per Job basis, you can schedule automatic synchronization according as per time interval, or when you plug your USB pen drive into your machine.


    You can also set Inclusion and Exclusion filters criteria on the files which you want to synchronize.  


    It offers a keyboard shortcut Ctrl + M which allows you to Minimize the running application in the system tray. Explore more features it has lot more to offer in terms of features and functionally

    This application is the best freely available software for files and folder synchronization and completely free for personal use.

    [ Download Allway Sync | Application HomePage ]

  • 6 replies on “Synchronize your work folder at your office and home computer”

    using these type of application in office may violate u r company it policies.
    so please be careful saying that this can be used to connect to office folders

    @nirmal – it does not get synchronized as per pc, you need to specify the two folders path on your pen drive and on the computer on which you are running allway sync, it will make the folder contents same on both the path.

    so lets assume I have folder called docs on two computers, which i can synchronize using allway sync.

    you will get to know what i am saying when you try this application…i m sure u will love to use it if you need something like this.

    @ajay – well i am allowed to work from home from my office, so they know that i sync things then only i can work from home.

    and it does not connect to office folders? it just synchronize them.

    if it is some other company it is the honesty of the person using this software.

    Oh..I got it now. But as Ajay said I have restriction in using this. In my company if we want to connect to Office computer, we need to use extranet using VPN.

    Anyways a good application

    Well I usually prefer to sync back using a web storage rather than a external device as it allows me to access my files from anywhere but this can be a good addition if you want to sync using a external drive.

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