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Make your pen drive bootable with MakeBootable


Many times, when you are facing a critical windows problem and you need the bootable cd urgently to repair your windows but some how you don’t get it.

MakeBootable is a free software which lets you convert your pen drive into a  bootable media, After making your pen drive bootable with makebootable you can use your pen drive like a windows xp bootable cd.

Makebootable is so easy to use, as it make your normal USB pen drive a bootable media in one click.


But there is a limitation, you will need to format your pen drive with fat file system in order to make your device bootable.

Convert to FAT and use MakeBootable

1. Backup the existing files on the drive.

2. Perform a FAT format

3. Now Run Makebootable.exe to make your USB portable device bootable.

After making your pen drive bootable, go to your BIOS and select USB Device as First Boot device in the boot device priority

We hope you like this small trick, Let us know your idea trough comments.

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16 replies on “Make your pen drive bootable with MakeBootable”

Dont work for mine. converted to FAT from FAT32 then directed MakeBootable to my drive letter (which was in the list of options) and it gives me an error everytime. (Failed… Could not find device specified) or something. Too bad, could have really used this.

@Jacob Plogman – it works successfully on my kingston pen drive…you can try using a different drive.

@Jusdy J – ya it will only be profitable if your computer mother board support booting form a usb device.

@Siddharth – glad that you liked the application

heyyy!!!!!! gr888 job …..its really nice…
itried on my datatravler .. and it works fine…
guuud job guys….

Don’t work on my pen drive.
The following work for me:-
use rawrtie 2.0 (look for it in the net) to create an image file of your bootable floppy disk.
use dd-0.5 ((look for it in the net) to write the image to your pen drive.

command was :-
dd -if=wstartup.img -of=\\.\K:

where wstartup.img is the image file of the bootable floppy
K: is the dirve for the pendrive

i cant make the pendrive bootable by using “make bootabel” softawre
i give erroe that:delet three file
one of that is COOMAND.COM
and other two file
where can i find that three file in my all set up file of WIN XP…
if there is any othr method to make pen drive bootable the

Hello the website says some error while downloading the file. Please can you upload the file to file sharing sites like or mediafire,com or

Thank you for the info.

i have tried what u have told but it is showing boot partition not defined msg
what should i do?

i m ready ro make my pen drive bootable. but wer is the software which ur sugessting.Makebootable

i am using a trancend 8gb pendrive . i can’t make it bootable using make boot device.tell an another method for trancend 8gb

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