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Tweak firefox to consume less memory [ Tweak Firefox Part2 ]


Yesterday, We posted about how can you tweak your firefox to speed up your browsing speed, today we are going to tell you more on tweaking firefox so that it consumes less memory and CPU usage.

Till now Firefox memory consumption is one of the major problem experienced by the users, the most common reasons behind high memory usage are primarily due to firefox themes and extensions.


Let see how to tweak your firefox to consume lesser amount of memory, 

There are two ways with which you can use to tweak firefox to consume less memory and be more efficient and faster.

Method 1:

1. Open Firefox and type about:config in the firefox address bar, press Enter.


2. Search for the following entry browser.cache.memory.enable and set the value to true, you can double click the entry to make it true.

3. Now, Right-click any where create a new entry by selecting New >> Integer and name it browser.cache.memory.capacity


4. Now enter the value according to the size of your RAM memory.

If you have:
256 MB of RAM, enter “4096
512 MB of RAM, enter “8192
1 GB of RAM, enter “16384

5. That’s it! Done, restart firefox for the settings to take into effect.

You can use the Method 2, if you don’t want to play with your firefox settings.

Method 2:

You can also tune your firefox to make it firefox more faster with a extension called FireTune

Firstly Download Firetune from here, Install and then Run it.

Make sure to make a backup of your configuration file, which FireTune can do automatically, but you need to click the button shown in the image below


FireTune lets you tune your firefox both in terms of less memory usage and faster browsing speed.


Note: If you have at least a 1.5-GHz of processor, 512MB or more of RAM, select Fast Computer/Fast Connection. Otherwise select as per your system configuration.

After selecting the appropriate configuration press the Tune it button as shown below.


You can further tweak more settings in firefox by clicking the tab Other Optimizations, Check the box that says "Enable some performance tweaks common to all configurations"


Press the Tune It button again, to apply the options and settings as per other optimizations.

After applying settings with firetune, exit firetune and open firefox again. You’ll find that pages and objects will render faster in firefox.

If you want to get the maximum efficiency and speed out of firefox, try to use minimum number or extensions and light memory consumption memory usage. If you want to read more about firefox tips and tricks, click here.

7 replies on “Tweak firefox to consume less memory [ Tweak Firefox Part2 ]”

Thanks, but this still isn’t for me.
Do you know how to make startup of firefox faster?
Does adblock plus affect it too much?

thanks for your suggestions but think practically……in ram os programs are running and when you access any website or any programs taking all remaining space in RAM …so RAM is size does matter,,,,obviously less RAM less speed
4096 /256mb it will affect speed of Firefox
second thing when we are adding any extensions, it means they are taking memory in your Firefox program, they are running when you start your Firefox
and it will make slower to program ,simply take the example of internet browser in which most of the extensions are already included

So when you lessen the value of ram in the browser.cache.memory.capacity does this affect the amount of data that can be loaded when you’re watching a movie that’s being streamed?

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