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Enable the smooth scrolling feature in firefox 3.0 just like safari


Firefox 3.0 has been just released and ready for download, I am on twitter side by side telling people the alternate download server for firefox 3.0 as both mozilla and are down due to heavy hits for firefox 3.0 download.

While people are trying to download, I am the lucky one who is writing a post on one of the cool feature of firefox 3.0, I have been waiting to be implemented in firefox for a long time.

Lets come to the point, the feature is related to smooth scrolling which can be enabled to enjoy the smooth scrolling effect just like Internet explorer and safari.

What is smooth scrolling ?

Smooth scrolling refers to a scrolling display where text appears smoothly, rather than appearing as a whole line at a time.

How to enable smooth scrolling ?

1. Go to File menu >> Tools >> Options, now click on the advanced section.

2. Select the option under Browsing which says Use Smooth Scrolling ( as shown in the image below ).

smooth-scrolling-feature-firefox 3.0 

3. Click OK.

We hope you like this small tweak if you have any thing to say let us know through comments

3 replies on “Enable the smooth scrolling feature in firefox 3.0 just like safari”

I hate the smooth scroll and I wish I knew how to disable the apparent automatic ss in the tab bar.

I’ve activated the smooth scroll option. My scrolling is still wonky. The pages appear to “wiggle” down the page and I keep having to go back to see what I’ve missed as the “wiggles” skip over large portions of the pages.

Alternately, if I try to scroll with my mouse wheel, the pages won’t STOP scrolling till I hit the bottom.

It’s highly annoying and causing me headaches, as the page “wiggling” as it is hurts my eyes and that goes straight to my head, causing pain.

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