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Hide all the opened windows with a keyboard shortcut

One of our reader asked us "How can I hide opened windows in win XP with a keyboard shortcut".

But why to hide opened Windows?

  • The answer is quite simple as one may want to hide opened applications like Orkut, IM messengers etc just when his boss arrived to his/her seat.
  • Even you may have an application running or web site opened which contains or display your private confidential data.

We had searched for different free applications on the web and found few of them really cool and worth mentioning to the readers after testing them all.

AceHide Free  It is a small tool to hide all the opened application one by one with a keyboard shortcut which you can specify.

Hot Key to hide – configurable


EfreeSoft Boss Key – A small nifty application again to hide opened windows with two sets of fixed hot keys to hide all the opened windows in one go. It also offers you to hide taskbar and all desktop icons.

Hot Key to hide – F12


Quick Hide Windows – It lets you hide opened windows with a press of a hotkey combination. Quick Hide Windows allows to hide your windows, taskbar, desktop icons and keeps away unwanted users from accessing your desktop.

Hot Key to hide – ctrl+alt-shift+z 


All these three applications for hiding windows works like a charm and they all are free, But we would suggest EfreeSoft Boss Key as the hot key for hiding opened windows is small and easy to remember.

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Hide Windows Free – boss key application.
Hide Windows Free – Hide From Prying Eyes Quickly

This all in one boss key application can hide windows, mute sound, switch display mode, hide tray icons and more with a key or a mouse shortcut. Once the threat has passed it returns all to the state before hiding windows. There is also paid version that provides even more functionality in order to protect your privacy. A must have tool!

Windows+D is just the shortcut for “Show Desktop,” which is also available on the Quick Launch bar. It merely minimizes the windows, which will still be present on the taskbar.

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