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Get Net Send back in vista with free Net Send GUI

Net Send is such cool command comes with windows XP which you can use through command prompt or run. It is a simple command which comes bundled with windows which can send messages over Winpopup protocol. 


It also depends on a windows Messenger Service which needs to be running state so that the net send can transfer the messages.

Why did Microsoft remove Net Send in vista?

As the messenger can used to spam by sending text messages which appear as message text boxes on the receiving end computer. The winpopup protocol did not have any authentication or security, which allows pop up windows to obstruct users desktops on windows.

So. the only way out left is to remove net send completely from newer versions of windows like windows vista.

How to get Net Send back on Vista

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Add any item to quick launch quickly in windows via Send To menu in vista


Recently we have posted a small trick about How to add any item to windows startup via Send To menu. Today we have come up with an idea on How to add any item to quick launch via Send To menu.


This post is about adding some frequent used programs to your quick launch quickly via Send To menu, we all know we can add any item to system tray just by dragging the program to the quick launch bar. Implementing this trick is quite easy.

Let’s see how can you implement this trick.

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Increase your laptop battery power with vista battery saver


It occurs many times when you need your laptop battery power the most, like when you are giving a presentation or doing some important work but battery goes down and reaches a critical battery level.

Specially with windows vista powered laptop this situation occurs more often, as the Graphic User Interface in vista like Aero, Vista sidebar etc. consumes much more battery power.

But you can make better and efficient usage of your battery using an application called Vista Battery Saver which will save 70% of the battery power in vista by disabling these nice looking features Aero and Vista Sidebar.


Let’s see what more features it can offer

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Get alarmed when your laptop battery reaches critical low battery level on vista

I have been using my tx1000 hp laptop for a year now, It has been an amazing experience working with it, but I have been always annoyed by the low battery  notification in vista.

When ever my laptop battery reaches to a critical low level it does not sound me an alarm rather it shows a pop up ( a balloon tip ) which indicates the low battery and normally I don’t pay attention this warning, and after some times windows hibernate the laptop automatically which I have configured myself so that I don’t loose my data and opened programs.

I would prefer to setup my windows to use the windows low battery alarm system to sound an alarm, when it shows the low battery notification so that I can let .

Let’s see how can we setup and alarm in windows vista at the time of critical battery notification.

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Remove, customize arrow over the shortcuts with vista shortcuts overlay manager

Yet, again like Windows XP, Windows vista also have a shortcut arrow on each and every shortcut you create and you cannot remove it or modify just through a registry hack.

I have been searching it for days but could not find out a way to do it manually through some registry tweak then, last night I found a cool utility called Vista Shortcuts Overlay Manager.     



( click the image on the left to enlarge )




As seen in the image above you can easily select different radio buttons which says arrow , light arrow , custom arrow , no arrow.

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Open any Folder on C Drive from run prompt in vista and xp

Recently just by chance when, I was normally writing some new articles for

I opened run prompt to to test something, but accidentally make a typo by typing \ (backward slash) in run. I get a list of all the folders in the root directory which I can select to open just by pressing up and down arrow key (as shown in the image below).









This small windows tip applies to both windows XP and Vista can be very productive at times.

Tip: You can also read about our previous tip on run prompt on How To Run Your Favourite Software’s and Songs Directly From Run

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How to fix the quick launch items location change , resize after explorer restart in vista

After windows restart or even after windows explorer quick launch items got arranged in a alphabetically and also resizes to the default.

According to the default settings of windows it does not save the settings when you customize the quick launch items ,it does not save the quick launch items location and its size also.

This issue of quick launch items location changed and resize applies to both windows XP and windows Vista

But this can be easily resolved by a registry fix.

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Enable or disable autologon for any user in windows vista

There are many users who prefer not to enter their username and password at windows login, for the following reasons:

  • mainly because this would speed up the login process
  • decrease the hassle for them of entering username and password

But enabling autologon in windows vista is again a security risk, but may not be a problem if you are not worried about your documents and files being visible to someone else, This small tweak is basically for home users.

But don’t worry about registry editing this time as there is a small freeware called AutoLoggon that does this job like a charm for you (as shown in the image below).