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How to remove the Automatic Update Warning Messages on Your Windows Xp or Vista System….with sp2.

There are so many times we do not want Windows Xp to update automatically but the main problem is not even solved in system with Service Pack 2 integrated due to which even when after turning automatic updates…it continuously shows the annoying pop up message says “ Your automatic updates are of please turn them on.

This message is shown by a red shield symbol which is the default icon in the taskbar for security center of Windows Xp which has the responsibility of automatic updates , antivirus monitoring and firewall of the system.

tips & tricks vista hacks

Experience Dream scene in Windows Vista with stardock deskscapes

Stardock has released DeskScapes 1.01, a free program that extends the Windows Vista Ultimate Extra, Windows DreamScenes to support dynamic and triggered animated wallpaper content.

While Windows Vista DreamScene supports playing .MPEG and .WMV files as animated wallpapers, Stardock developed DeskScapes to extend this capability to support the .DREAM format (Dreams) which was explicitly designed for animated wallpapers.

tips & tricks vista hacks

Windows vista tips & tricks pdf by microsoft..

When it comes to using vista you can apply a large number of tweaks in order to run windows vista as fast as xp…i will be explaining in my next post about how you can squeeze vista to make it much faster than ever. But now its time to let you guys know what Microsoft is offering in the name of windows vista tips n tricks.

tips & tricks vista hacks

Uninstall or Turn off unneeded features in Windows Vista to make it fast and perform better.

There are many new features in Windows Vista that are installed by default that you may not need. These extra and unneeded features can slow down your computer and take up more storage space. If you would like to uninstall, or turn off, these extra features, this tip is for you.

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Usefull Windows Media Center( MCE ) keyboard shortcuts..

Here are some shorcuts for media center in winodows vista…. Navigation

Open Windows Media Center or return to the Windows Media Center start screen Windows Key+ALT+ENTER
Close Windows Media Center ALT+F4
Accept the selection ENTER
Go back to the previous screen BACKSPACE
Go to the first item in a list HOME
Go to the last item in a list END
Go to the next page PAGE DOWN
Go to the previous page PAGE UP
Move left, right, up, or down ARROW KEYS
Go in and go out of windowed mode ALT+ENTER
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Remove the annoying Security Center pop up in windows vista.

Now a days i am getting lots of messages and emails asking me about the trick to disable the annoying pop up message in windows vista.So for all here is the solution…

tips & tricks vista hacks

Use Snip Tool in windows vista as a small replacement for snagit.

Well finally microsoft has included a inbuilt snipping tool called Snip in their latest release operating system windows vista in all the editions.Now at least for those using conventional method for snapping various screen shots by those who cant afford screen casting softwares like snagit can have a somewhat better approach then the previous one.

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Some Awesome Commands To Clear The IE7 History in vista and xp

You can automate any one of the functions on the Internet Explorer 7 Delete Browsing History dialog.By Putting all selected commands in a batch file and simply scheduled the history clean up by putting the shortcut to the batch file in the common startup folder in all programs.