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Get alarmed when your laptop battery reaches critical low battery level on vista

I have been using my tx1000 hp laptop for a year now, It has been an amazing experience working with it, but I have been always annoyed by the low battery  notification in vista.

When ever my laptop battery reaches to a critical low level it does not sound me an alarm rather it shows a pop up ( a balloon tip ) which indicates the low battery and normally I don’t pay attention this warning, and after some times windows hibernate the laptop automatically which I have configured myself so that I don’t loose my data and opened programs.

I would prefer to setup my windows to use the windows low battery alarm system to sound an alarm, when it shows the low battery notification so that I can let .

Let’s see how can we setup and alarm in windows vista at the time of critical battery notification.

You will need to configure select the critical battery alarm through sounds in control panel.

1. Open Start >> Control Panel >> Sound


2. Now Click on Sounds tab in Sound properties.


3. Download this alarm sound file from here and place in a separate folder, Click on the browse button and locate the downloaded alarm file.

4. Click Test button to listen to the alarm sound, and click OK

Now when ever your laptop reaches low battery level it will sound the loud alarm before it hibernates or shutdown

We hope you like this tweak, let us know your thoughts about the tweak through comments


For those this trick don’t work can refer to this post on Get low battery alert with Laptop battery monitoring for vista and xp

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😀 i am already using this in vista and it just save my life sometimes when its too low i save my work and take charger out ahh relaxation it will alarm man

hi, does this actually work, how does it, isnt it just another sound file like the default ones?

Nice try, but this doesn’t work….it’s the same as having any other sound file as the default…problem is that Vista DOES NOT PLAY THE SOUND FILE NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO!!!

Yes, this does not work. This is by design, according to Microsoft. The alarms only work with third party software.

i have been experiencing the same problem with my Compaq Presario A900 that runs Vista Home Premium. i tried replacing the sound file with numerous examples, checking the power settings in control panel — everything is correct.

i’ve searched the web (that’s how i found this page) and i see that numerous people have complained about this issue on many websites — but nobody ever responds with a fix. why would Microsoft do this by design?? does anyone know of a solution?

@PC and @teecee – I have updated the post, please refer to the new post on how to Get low battery alert with Laptop battery monitoring for vista and xp

Link to the new post is given at the bottom of the post

hello abhishek,

thank you for your attention to this issue. however, is there no way to fix this windows issue without downloading and installing a new programme? i mean, has microsoft not issued a patch for this, or found a work-around?

i would prefer not to have to run a programme constantly in my system tray, just because the windows alarm doesnt work. i would rather fix the windows alarm function!



Got to be kidding me, “big and most powerful Gates” neglected to make the battery sounds actualy WORK!? what bs, and who wants yet another proccess(program) running in the background..? MAKE it work microsoft!

This Fix does NOT Work! According to Microsoft Tech Support don’t waste your time … Vista was designed not to have Alarm Sound within Vista … only a 3rd Party Solution can be viable!

That is just like Microsoft … buy a software from them (well we have NO Choice) and it does NOT work worth a s**t!


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