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Password Protect your files with Norton Secret Stuff


Did you feel the need to password protect any documents, pictures or any other file while sharing them with your friends.


Norton Secret Stuff allows you to encrypt and password protect any file on windows which you can share with anyone via Email, through pen drives or cd’s etc.

It creates secure self extracting password protected executable files which can be sent to any one and can be decrypted with out using any software, the intended recipient of the files needs to know the password only in order to decrypted the file.

Let’s see how can we use Norton Secret Stuff to encrypt

How To Password Protect a File


1. Double Click on file Secret.exe

2. Click on the Add button and browse the file to be encrypted/protected 

3. Type your password in password and confirm password textbox

4. Press Encrypt button to create a self extracting executable file which you can send to anyone.

Norton Secret Stuff can be used to Send Secure Files to Anyone, Anywhere

The sender only needs to tell the recipient the password. When the recipient runs the executable they’ll be prompted for the password, after which the file decrypts itself.

Tip: If you want to encrypt multiple files we would suggest you to first make a .zip file for all of them.

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