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Monitor your internet bandwidth usage with Netlimiter


I remember one of my friend was facing a problem some time back, when some application start using the internet bandwidth on his computer because of some unknown reason, due to which the limited bandwidth usage in his mtnl broadband plan got exceeded.

NetLimiter, is a software which comes to rescue in these types of situation as you can know how much internet bandwidth is being used by any program on your system.


NetLimiter is useful program which allows you to monitor each application on your system which connects to internet, it also allows you to easily manage your internet connections bandwidth and share it among the different applications on your system which connects to internet.

Some other features of NetLimiter

  • You can set download or upload transfer rate limits for applications, connections.
  • Lets you track the internet traffic history usage spread among different applications on your pc
  • You can do other operations like WHOIS, traceroute etc.
  • You can also allow or deny certain applications to connect to internet through NetLimiter. 

NetLimiter comes in three versions NetLimiter 2 Monitor (Freeware), NetLimiter 2 Lite (Shareware) and Netlimiter 2 Pro (Shareware)

You can see the complete feature comparison list among all the versions mentioned above here.

The free version of NetLimiter i.e NetLimiter 2 Monitor offers only two main functions of internet bandwidth monitoring and traffic statistics which are enough to show how much internet bandwidth is being consumed by which process or application.

[ Download NetLimiter 2 Monitor | Application HomePage | Download NetLimiter Any Version ]

9 replies on “Monitor your internet bandwidth usage with Netlimiter”

I have used net limiter many a time, let me tell one best use of Netlimiter.if you have lan based Internet connection and DC++ network on that Lan then you can put netlimiter to prevent users from utilizing your whole bandwidth.else More users connected to your Comp thru DC++ more it will hang.

But Torrent Client now detects Net limiter like tool so wont be useful for those users.

this is a great great tool which i am using from past 6 months and it solved my bandwidth issues because of my extensive use now i monitor it every time 😀

I’ve been looking for something like this since I use an FTP on my home machine to distribute custom maps for COD4. If too many people get on, my whole pipe is victimized! Great!

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