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Copy anything to your clipboard with out formatting with Clipboard Fusion


Have you ever feel the need to copy some text from an application like Microsoft Word or a Web Page etc. with out any formatting ?

Normally when you copy some text from one application to another the main problem arises because of the formatting of the text you copy is not removed. A Free application called ClipboardFusion makes this possible for you.


What is ClipboardFusion ?

ClipboardFusion is a small freeware nifty application which sits in your system tray and monitors your clipboard and when ever it finds any text in the windows clipboard it will srub ( “clean” ) that text, to remove all formatting.

Let see some more ClipboardFusion offers in features.

ClipboardFusion allows you to remove all HTML tags from the clipboard text, which is excellent for copying and pasting things from the web, without getting all the extra markup.

Scrub HTML Tags


In order to scrub html tags when you copy content from web page you explicitly enable the settings in ClipboardFusion, by right clicking on its taskbar icon and select Scrub HTML.

Displays A Pop Up of Copied Text

When ClipboardFusion is scrubbing text the system tray icon will change, just to indicate that it is working. It also displays a handy popup that helps you preview the contents of the clipboard.

Configure To Scrub Text Automatically or Manually


ClipboardFusion automatically scrub the text as it detects or you can manually scrub it by right-clicking on the system tray icon of ClipboardFusion.

It can also show you previews of images along with HTML colour codes and colour hex values, also you have a option that image in different formats on your computer.

We hope you like the review of this small application, it is really helpful many times.

[ Download ClipboardFusion | Application HomePage ]

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