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Add any program to your startup easily with Sent To menu


It occurs sometimes when you may like to add a program to your start up by dragging the program shortcut in All Programs >> Startup

But there is more better way to do it,  which could save your time and make it simple. (as seen in the image below)


Yes, you can add a shortcut to your startup folder in the send to menu, and when you want to add any program to startup with windows startup, you can right click on the program shortcut and select Startup.

Let’s see how can you do this tweak.

1. Open Start >> All programs and locate Startup and right click on it to create desktop shortcut to its location.


2.1 Open the following path in windows vista


2.2 Open the following path in windows XP

C:\Documents and Settings\username\SendTo

3. Copy the shortcut of Startup folder and paste it into Sendto folder you have opened.

4. That’s it, After following all the steps above you will see startup folder shortcut in Send To menu.

We hope you like this small tweak, please share your views about this tweak.

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