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Increase your laptop battery power with vista battery saver


It occurs many times when you need your laptop battery power the most, like when you are giving a presentation or doing some important work but battery goes down and reaches a critical battery level.

Specially with windows vista powered laptop this situation occurs more often, as the Graphic User Interface in vista like Aero, Vista sidebar etc. consumes much more battery power.

But you can make better and efficient usage of your battery using an application called Vista Battery Saver which will save 70% of the battery power in vista by disabling these nice looking features Aero and Vista Sidebar.


Let’s see what more features it can offer

It will also allow you to temporary disable the notification messages when Windows Aero Or Windows Sidebar is activated / deactivated.


Once Windows Aero or Windows Sidebar is deactivated, you will need to connect to direct power AC source to reactivate them.

We have already tested the application, it really saves so much battery power that you will feel your battery backup of your vista powered laptop has increased.


You should be having Window Vista Home Premium and up version running on your vista powered laptop.

[ Download Vista Battery Saver ]

5 replies on “Increase your laptop battery power with vista battery saver”

I think its not the limitation that it needs home premium and higher version, but since only home premium and higher version has these aero effects and other battery consuming apps, its needed only for those versions.

imo users like us work people do not need aero or visual stuff at all just like our blogs we want it to load faster rather than look beautiful same goes for pc’s, on my lappie i am using a simple vista basic theme and my laptop’s performance on batteries are set to power save it still is fast on battery save when you just need a firefox gtalk and other lil apps opened.
but aps looks nice for those who are willing to have aero as well

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