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Remove ctfmon.exe in windows with CTFMON-Remover



There are so many useless windows process which keep on running in the background and consume your already slow computer resources and CPU usage.

One such windows process is Ctfmon.exe is one of them which always kept running in the background and using cpu all the time, although it does not consume so much of resources but most of the time ctfmon is useless for a user using windows.

What is Ctfmon ?

Ctfmon.exe is Alternative User Input Text Input Processor for Office. It activates the Microsoft Office Language Bar and the Alternative User Input Text Input Processor.

Let’s see how can we remove it with ctfmon-remover.

CTFMON.EXE is among other things responsible for changing the language schema of your keyboard (e.g. for switching between the German and English keyboard layout).

In case you are using this feature you shouldn’t remove or disable the CTFMON.EXE!

In order to remove ctfmon.exe you need to download ctfmon-remover and click on the button Deactivate CTFMON.exe 


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we can also remove it from the startup by these steps, start, run,type msconfig, startup tab deselect ctfmon.exe ok then OK, Apply and should not startup again

@Venkat – it is not that simple buddy, u can stop it from running by just removing it from the startup.

it automatically starts running even if you remove it for windows startup

I’m not sure why you’d bother to use a program to disable it – just go to control panel -> Regional and Language Options -> Languages tab -> hit “Details” on the “Text Services and Input Languages” section -> select the “Advanced” Tab -> under “System Configuration” turn off “Advanced Text Services”.

CTFMON.EXE no longer runs at that point, and the language bar goes away.

you can do it the Windows way:

Start / Control Panel / Regional and Language Options / Languages / Details / Advanced

and then put a checkmark in : Turn off advanced text services

voila vole 🙂

You dont need a separate program to turn off this service. If you’re not using East Asian or advanced text services.

Just go to
– Control Panel
– Regional and Language Options
– Languages Tab
– Details Button
– Advanced tab
– Check Turn off advanced text services.

You may or may not need to reboot – i don’t remember

Helpful little obscure tip, I say obscure because I don’t think the average computer user knows or cares about ctfmon. For me on the other hand, this process has always seemed useless and annoying, so I’m thankful for this little app and some others will be too.

@Abhishek : ya your right, here’s the way you can do it. go to control panel -> select regional and language options, Language Tabs, click details button, select Advanced Tab Under System Configuration Select Turn Off Advanced Text Services.

And you should not find ctfmon.exe starting up again.

yeah ctfmon is crap i searched a little time ago on this and found it is because microsoft office and the work around was there so i manually removed it this article must gona help many people.

Thanks Dear for this extremely nice program….
Its really useful particularly in my case where i have a PC with slower RAM.
Thanks again.

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