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Hide | UnHide Recycle bin icon on desktop


There are lots of people who do not want to see recycle bin icon on their desktop, as it would take unnecessary space which is not required for these people.

Recycle Bin Hider and Unhidder is a simple tool which lets you hide and unhide recycle bin icon from your desktop.


It is a free and very light application which lets you hide your recycle bin icon in just one click.

Note: But you will need to refresh your desktop when ever you hide or unhide your recycle bin icon with the application.

We hope you like this small application to hide / unhide recycle bin icon

[ Download Recycle Bin Hider and Unhidder  | Application HomePage ]

6 replies on “Hide | UnHide Recycle bin icon on desktop”

@Pavan – i agree pavan tweakui is an ultimate application for all these.

@Pras – for some people it is, as they want their desktop to be clean without any icons including the recycle bin icon

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