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Get Net Send back in vista with free Net Send GUI

Net Send is such cool command comes with windows XP which you can use through command prompt or run. It is a simple command which comes bundled with windows which can send messages over Winpopup protocol. 


It also depends on a windows Messenger Service which needs to be running state so that the net send can transfer the messages.

Why did Microsoft remove Net Send in vista?

As the messenger can used to spam by sending text messages which appear as message text boxes on the receiving end computer. The winpopup protocol did not have any authentication or security, which allows pop up windows to obstruct users desktops on windows.

So. the only way out left is to remove net send completely from newer versions of windows like windows vista.

How to get Net Send back on Vista

But in all Net Send is not that bad, you make like using it as it is quite a fun way to send message some times to another computer on your LAN network.

Net Send GUI re enables to send and receive messages over LAN network and fills the need for Net Send command if you got used to net send 


Net Send GUI does not use insecure winpopup protocol, rather it uses it own network protocol that is based on TCP/IP instead of old NetBIOS.

Net Send GUI will list all the computers on your LAN network automatically, so no need to remember the computer names.

Features of Net Send GUI

  • No need to remember computer names
  • Send same message to multiple computer in one go
  • No Dependency on vulnerable winpopup protocol
  • Compatible with Winpopup LAN Messenger, OfficePopup

Compatible for Windows 98, Windows Millennium, Windows XP, Windows Vista

Download Net Send GUI

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