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Check whether an email id is valid or not

It happens some times when you may want to check whether a email id on which you want to send an important mail exists or not.

The most simple method would be to send a test mail first and check if you receive a failure mail delivery receipt, but sometimes you can’t even send a test email as the email id could be of your boss or someone whom you may not feel comfortable sending test email to test the email id validity.


There has been some methods to check whether a email id is a valid email id, found two methods to check the validity of email if of them useful, easy and fast.

There has been numerous online sources to check whether an email id exists including these two methods below

Method 1:

Broad Band Help provides a small service called Email Address Checker, which check the authenticity of an email address   

This checker is real time and can detect in most of the cases whether a email box exists or not, and most importantly this service is FREE


Note: This service is quite good but does not give accurate results all the time.

Method 2:

Another free service to check email id validity is IsValidEmail this service is again web based and will return true or false for a given email address if it is valid or not valid. This method uses the HTTP POST protocol to validate a email address.

IsValidEmail will show the result in a new window by giving a true result for a valid email address and false for a invalid email address.


Enter the email id and click invoke, you will see

true if the email address is valid

or will see


We hope at least one of the method above will work for you, let us know if you know any other method other than these to check email address validity.

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People using this service for legitimate reasons: 0.00001%
People using this service to send spam: EVERYONE ELSE

Dearm Sir or Madam,

Is it possible to know how long someone has beeb already using his?her email? Because sometimes, ppl just create an email and never use it anymore (just use it one). Thanks in advanced.

Kind Regards,

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