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Saver Starter – Start Screen Saver As Per Mouse Position On Desktop

Saver Starter is cool freeware which lets you start your computer screen saver according to your mouse cursor positions. So, you can simply instruct your computer to start the current screensaver by placing the mouse cursor to any corner of your screen which you have configured.

When you start Saver Starter a yellow coloured square will appear in your system tray


When it turns red, it means that the Saver Starter has disabled the current screen saver and stopped it from running.


If it turns green then it means that it is about to activate the current screen saver.


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Backup flickr account photos

If for any reason you want to backup all the photos you had uploaded to flickr, there are lots of free tools available which lets you backup all your flickr uploaded photos easily.


When it comes to backup of flickr account it could be case when you are moving to a new computer, or may be you want to backup all the photos and then store them on cd/dvd

Out of all the free tools available we have selected two of them which are best and easy to use out of all the tools. One of the tool is Downloadr and other one is Flickr Backup and both of them are free.

Let’s discuss about these tools one by one and do a comparative review in between them.

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Hide Start Button On Taskbar

Start button is the most frequently clicked button in windows but on the other hand some windows users will agree that it takes some valuable desktop space which can be utilized otherwise.

Today, We will tell you how can remove the start button form your desktop and make it invisible from your eyes with a free utility called Start Killer

Taskbar with Start Button


Taskbar without Start Button


After removing start button from taskbar you will get more space on the taskbar to store more opened windows and applications.

Let’s see how can you remove the start button from taskbar or in other words make start button invisible on the start menu.

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3 Ways To Free Up Your Disk Space

For those who are noticing the some what delay in my posting frequency I would like reveal, I have recently purchased a new iPhone 3G 😛 so was more excited in playing with my new iPhone. But from now on I will be disciplined again and will be posting frequently.


Today, I have come up with three amazing free softwares which help analyse files sizes more deeply and helps you free up your disk space. All these program which I am going to mention will be very helpful to clean the drives which are running out of space.

Let’s discuss about all these programs one by one and have a comparative review among these free tools to free up the disk space.

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Download Free Extended Task Manager For Windows

Windows Task Manager is not sufficient when you want to know the in depth details of the running programs on your computer like disk analysis, detailed network utilisation data, locate a running process.

Free Extended Task Manager allows you implement all these functionalities in your windows task manager

Disk Input/Output Analysis – To monitor which applications utilize most of your disk at the moment


Network Port Monitoring – Lets you see who is connected to different ports of your computer and which server ports you are connected.

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The Hat – Draw Random Names or Find Lucky Draw Winners Names

It is very common when people run various types of competition on their blogs and websites, many times the winners for such competition are chosen randomly out of all the participants

In such a case The Hat is a small FREE program which allows you to perform the lucky draw for all the names of the participants and get some winners out of them.


The Hat is a simple but effective utility which offers a cool and easy way to automatically determine a random name from the list of names you specify.

The program interface id quite simple, Lets see how can you use this free program to decide winners for a randomly out of a list.

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Get Aero In Windows XP

Fast Aero ( via Ghacks ) is a small FREE utility which allows to to have aero glass effects in windows XP jus like you windows vista

Aero Glass effect in vista is another cool effect which makes the borders of the windows transparent against the background. Windows Aero Glass adds a level of translucency to all windows in vista.


Fast Aero is FREE program which does not even require any installation you just need double click the executable to run it.

Lets see how to use Fast Aero to enable aero in Windows XP

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.Net Framework Cleanup Tool To Remove Or Clean Any .NET Framework

.Net Framework Cleanup Tool is a small FREE utility which lets you clean up any issues you are facing installing ,uninstalling repair or patching errors in a particular framework.

.Net Framework Cleanup Tool lets you restore your system to a relatively clean state so that you can re install the respective framework without facing any errors in the installation of a particular framework


You just need to select the .net framework version for which you are gfacing the problem and press the button Cleanup Now