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Open any Folder on C Drive from run prompt in vista and xp

Recently just by chance when, I was normally writing some new articles for

I opened run prompt to to test something, but accidentally make a typo by typing \ (backward slash) in run. I get a list of all the folders in the root directory which I can select to open just by pressing up and down arrow key (as shown in the image below).









This small windows tip applies to both windows XP and Vista can be very productive at times.

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Stop Adobe Reader from popping up for updates

Most of us use adobe reader for reading pdf documents, the most annoying problem with adobe reader is the pop window which pops up every time you open adobe reader.

You may have pressed the cancel button so many times, but it again pops up when ever you load or start adobe reader( as shown in the image below)








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clean your traces after browsing in firefox automatically

If you are one those firefox users who want to clean all the traces of your browsing history,  then let me tell you there is very simple way to do it with firefox itself without any extension.

here is how you can automate the cleaning of your browsing history and cookies..

1. Open Firefox

2. go to File Menu >> Tools  >> Options , click on privacy tab

3. check the option which says: Always clear my data when I close firefox (as shown in the image below)




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How to get the password for microsoft access protected file

It happens some time when you lost the password for a database microsoft access file.

As file is password protected so it will not open up without the correct password entered, in order to solve the problem you can simply use a free password revealing utility by

It’s called Access PassView, the only limitation with this program is that it works for every password-protected mdb file that created with Microsoft Access 95/97/2000/XP.

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Make your my computer open faster by disconnecting the network drives

I have already published one post on How to fix slow opening of my computer and delayed contents display here.

There are still some issues like connected network drives when you use office at your work place.

Like in my office when I login at my system at my work place, according to the user policy every user is connected to the network drives at the server location.

These connection to the network drives make my computer more slow at the time of opening.

Let see how can you disconnect network drives.

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what is google updater and why its running?

If you have ever downloaded any of the google products like picasa ,google screen saver etc, you may have googleupdater.exe running as a process in your system right now.

You can check by pressing "alt+ctrl+del" to open task manager and click the process tab.

What is googleupdater.exe?

GoogleUpdater.exe is a process which belongs to the’s range of Internet search facilities provided. This program is a non-essential , can be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems.

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How to add open target location to right click of mouse in win xp

Do you know the fastest way to open a file location of any desktop shortcut? i.e the directory where that file is located.

The most simple method to do this is to right click on the shortcut and then select properties and click the open file location button.

But if you have noticed in vista this feature now comes integrated with windows vista itself(as shown in the image below).

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How to eject cd drives automatically with a keyboard shortcut in windows xp

If you have used vista, you may have seen option to eject the cd drives on the right click menu on the cd drive.

This feature of automatically eject the cd drives  is a part of windows vista but not provided with windows XP, but this option can be enabled in windows  XP using  a simple freeware software called Eject CD, Download it from here.

What is Eject CD?

Eject CD is a useful, free and easy to use software. It helps you easily eject and insert the cd/dvd-rom drivers just by using the keyboard shortcuts or your mouse.