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noPing Shutdown –Reboot / Shutdown / Logoff / Poweroff Your If Your Computer Is Not Connected To Internet

noPing Shutdown is a FREE easy to use utility which lets you Reboot / Shutdown / Logoff / Poweroff the computer if it is not connected to internet for a specified time interval you define in the program interface.


This will keep pinging the host name or the website URL you specified and when the Last Ping did not succeed then it will wait for the time you specified in minutes to take the set action by you.

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AutoShut – Free Tool To Automatically Shutdown Your Computer At Specified Time Easily

AutoShut is a small FREE tool which is designed to shutdown your computer automatically at specified time you had set. Or it can be customised in such a way that you can also shutdown your computer depending when a program is stopped running.


It could be a great utility when you may want to shutdown your computer after a particular application executable has stopped executing.