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ThunderFix – Fix Slow Thunderbird To Run Faster

ThunderFix is a small FREE tool which cleans the junk in thunderbird and improves the thunderbird performance to a great extent. This tool could be of great help specially if you are facing slow start time in thunderbird.


ThunderFix detects all the .msf files with in your thunderbird profile and removes them, so the next time when you run thunderbird it will generate the new MSF files and you will see the improvement in the thunderbird startup time.

This happens because the MSF files may become corrupted and contain garbage so this tool is the quick solution to this problem. This program runs very smoothly and faster and it is comes with very easy to use interface. It works with 2.0 version of thunderbird.

How To Use ThunderFix To Speed Up Thunderbird Opening

1. Close Mozilla Thunderbird

2. Run ThunderFix and choose the thunderbird profile which you want to fix and in most of the cases it is default profile

3. It will count and display the number of MSF files

4. You just need to click this tool called “Fix Profile” button.

Download ThunderFix

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i wont get proper solution , when i rt+clik on any folder or file my pc not responds for few minutes on perticuler field only

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