how to tutorials tips & tricks vista hacks

Remove or hide the arrow on the shortcuts in windows vista

There is very simple registry trick behind removing the arrow from the shortcuts in windows vista.

By following the procedure below you will be able to hide or remove the arrow displayed with the shortcuts in windows vista.

how to tutorials tips & tricks vista hacks

How to make file copy faster with Robocopy in windows vista

What is Robocopy ?

It is an advanced copy utility with has the feature to automatically resume file transfer on error or network disruption, or recover from terminated file copying, with selective copying based on new or updated criteria.Beside,It can preserve all of the file properties and information, including date and time stamps, security access control lists (ACLs) and more while replicating the file.

By default Robocopy came built-in with windows vista as a command line but as a command line interface only but microsoft has also released a GUI (graphical user interface) application comprising robocopy command completely.

See the snapshot below for more details.


all of these features comes with with traditional Robocopy command line functionality, but for most of us , having these options integrated in a graphical interface really make it more useful.

Download Robocopy for Windows Vista

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how to tutorials tips & tricks vista hacks

Increase your Windows Experience Index or system rating in windows vista artificially

Well it is very easy to artificially raise your WEI(windows experience index) score by modifying the configuration file.

How to Rate Your system in windows vista:

First check your current score. In order to check your WEI score, go to Start >> Computer >> System Properties >> Performance.

tips & tricks vista hacks

Hidden Shortcut to run Command prompt or any application with elevated admin rights in vista

In case windows vista the default account with some restrictions already imposed is provided to a normal user.

Vista automatically lower the administrative rights of users that belong to local administrators group, and forces them to run applications and commands like they were normal users like guest with no admin rights.

how to tutorials tips & tricks vista hacks

Different ways to Disable UAC(user account control) in windows vista

There are about four different ways through which UAC can be disabled in windows vista.

1. Through Regedit

  • Open Registry Editor.
  • Navigate to the following
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System

  • Set the value of “EnableLUA” to 0

2. Through “msconfig”.

how to tutorials tips & tricks vista hacks

Disable Auto Tuning Feature to fix or speed up large file copy/move faster in vista

Windows vista takes greater amount of time to copy large files ,vista some how takes much longer time to copy large files than windows xp vista somehow seems to have a problem copying large files.

You must be thinking that greater amount of time being required is due to some heavy graphics of vista…but the reason is something else slow file copy/move operations is due to auto tunning feature of windows vista.

how to tutorials tips & tricks vista hacks

Launch Quick Launch Item with keyboard shortcuts in windows vista

In windows vista you can launch the first 10 items of the quick launch items from the left to right

So each item in the Quick launch bar can be easily accessed by , the keyboard shortcuts “Window key + number“.These are alloted from left to right, 1-9 and o for 10.

how to tutorials vista hacks

How to customize or change windows vista boot logo with vista boot logo generator.

Are you bored of seeing the vista boot screen every time it boots then this post is for you as after reading this post you will come to know how you can easily customize or change the boot screen logo with a small utility called Vista Boot Logo Generator v1.1with which you can convert any image into a vista boot logo.