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How to Change the Action for the Start Menu Power Button in windows vista

In case of windows vista we can change the action of the power button in the start menu to any of the actions like (Hibernate ,Sleep ,Power Off).

How To Change The Default Action with the power button in windows vista:

To change the action (Sleep, Hibernate or Power Off)

  1. Go to the Control Panel
  2. Select System Maintenance and then Power Options if it is the Default View or
  3. Select Power Options if it is the Classic View
  4. Under your current plan, click on Change plans settings
  5. Click on Change advanced power settings
  6. Click on the + by Power buttons and lid
  7. Click on the + by Start menu power button
  8. For the Setting, select Sleep, Hibernate or Shutdown
  9. Click on Apply and OK
  10. Now when you hover over icon, you can see the action it will take.

If You have any problem in changing action associated with the power button let us know with your comments.

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